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Social Media has been growing exponentially over the past decade – Facebook and Twitter now have a combined audience of over 1 Billion people, and each day more and more businesses are utilising social media sites as a powerful marketing vehicles.

There are hundreds of Social Media sites out there; some involve using a phone to ‘check in’ to share your current location with your friends, others are based around photos, music or digital video, some are used for business and other for academia. All Social Media platforms, however, have a common goal; to bring people together and help them communicate. Using social media, we can help you communicate and interact with your customers, build your brand or launch a viral marketing campaign.

We use social media in a friendly and non-intrusive way to ensure that your customers aren’t put off by your social media presence. We want them to feel comfortable with you, and to grow relationships between brands and consumers.

At Lucidity, we understand how Social Media works and how to drive traffic to your profile. Whether you simply want to set up a Twitter feed or you want to implement a nationwide FourSquare campaign, we can help. We know how to get you heard on social media platforms, and how to target your message for the right audience.

We believe that Social Media is all about brand reinforcement and customer interaction. We’ll aid you in forming a close relationship with your customers through Social Media, and help you to maintain and grow that connection, creating a loyal and focused customer base.

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