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We Know SEO, and we have a proven record of placing sites on the first page of results.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. We consider SEO to be a fundamental part of any site build, although we can also provide SEO services to sites we didn’t build.

At the heart of SEO is content. Good quality content on a well optimised site is the first step towards a high ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. When a site is ‘Search Engine Optimised’, it’ll rank well across different search engines for relevant keywords. If we’re designing a website for a Garden Centre in Dublin, we’ll want that site to rank well for ‘Garden Centre Dublin’, ‘Irish Garden Centre’, etc.

In a nutshell, SEO incorporates a number of different disciplines including Copywriting, Analytics, Audits and Keyword Integration to boost the search rankings for your site. You choose the keywords you want to be found for and we push your site up the search rankings for those terms. We have a proven record in SEO, and although SEO is a long-term project, we provide our clients with regular updates to inform them of our progress.

In a world where Google search results drive an average of 70% of traffic to websites*, it pays to be on the first page of results, and that’s where Lucidity can put you. Contact us today to see whet we can do for you

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