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Building a website encompasses two key elements; Design and Development. Building great websites is at the heart of what we do at Lucidity. This is where we started out, and we still love coming up with new designs, new website concepts and new ideas for the web. Here we’ll guide you through the process of how we design and build a website.

When a client approaches us to have a website redesigned or built from scratch, our team will meet with them and hammer out a rough schedule for designing and building the site, and discuss any other elements that need to be included (a shop, social media integration, copywriting, ongoing SEO efforts, etc.) We’ll analyse the existing branding and company message, and talk through how these can be incorporated into the new site. Once everyone is happy, we’ll move forward into the design stage.

In the initial design stage, our experienced designers sit down with the client and talk through some ideas – these are known as ‘discovery sessions’ and involve brainstorming different ideas for the site to come up with what works best for the client. The designers then draw up ‘wireframes’ or ‘blueprints’ for the potential new site, present some design concepts and ask the client what they think. If there are characters or other scenes involved, we’ll present storyboards and develop personalities.

We will of course take client suggestions on board, and we’ll never begin to develop the site until the client is happy with the design. Usually after a couple of meetings, some solid decisions have been made and the client and the designers agree on a basis for the new website.

Once that happens, the development team begins to write the code for the site. This is the first step in turning the initial design concepts into a fully-functioning website. Throughout the development stage, we continue to consult with the client to make sure they’re happy with how the site is progressing.

During this stage, our copywriting team is writing SEO-optimised content and beginning to make plans to promote the site once it goes live, whether that be through digital video, social media or some other format. As always, the client is always kept in the loop, and nothing is ever published or added to the site without their go-ahead.

Once the site is built, there are a few other stages to go through before it goes live, such as snagging and break testing (or testing for bugs), third party integrations (such as Facebook or Twitter feeds) and hosting in a live environment for testing.

Finally, when everyone is in agreement, the site ‘goes live’, and is accessible to the public.

Click here to see some case studies of sites we’ve built in the past, or contact us to find out more.

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