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You may have heard the term ‘Web 2.0’ before, but you may not know what it means. Web 2.0 refers to a different type of Web. In what was known as Web ‘1.0’, during the early years of the internet, users generally used the web as a reference tool. The internet was a resource for gathering information, but little more. Web 2.0 reimagined the internet, putting a much greater emphasis on user-generated content and two-way communication. With better and faster internet connections, the web became a place where people could post their opinions, comment on articles and begin to share things.

The Web 2.0 revolution led to the development of blogging, podcasts, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. All of these services allow users to share and communicate more easily. With Web 2.0, you can challenge or debate with journalists just by clicking ‘comment’, or you can start your own blog to share your opinion with the world.

We love Web 2.0 and the possibilities it opens up. We maintain our own blog and encourage our clients to do the same. We also develop social media campaigns to help our customers get noticed and increase their visibility. Contact us today to see what we could do for you, or visit us on Facebook or Twitter. We love to chat!


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