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Lucidity (n)

‘The quality, state, or art of clarity in thought and style

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Company History

Lucidity Digital is a full service digital agency, specializing in Web Design and Development, SEO, Social Media and targeted digital campaigns. We’ve come a long way in the past ten years, and all of our experience has helped us to become the all-encompassing and truly versatile agency we are today. 

Lucidity Digital was born on the cusp of the dot com bubble in the year 2000, a year where ‘online’ was very much the place to be. Originating in domain name registration, hosting and email, Lucidity soon learned how quickly the market could change, and responded accordingly.

A crossover into web design and development formed part of Lucidity’s portfolio throughout these early years. In 2004 the company once again reacted to market trends, adopting PHP and Ruby on Rails as primary languages in order to undertake even more complex development projects. In the coming years, these new technologies would allow Lucidity to stand out from the crowd whilst retaining core knowledge of traditional web languages. Versatility became the name of the game, and solid experience in a number of different areas allowed Lucidity to compete against more established companies in an aggressive market space. 

Lucidity soon began to attract foreign clients, engaging with overseas companies such as Fox and NBC, even in the wake of a disastrous dot com bubble burst. The company continued to grow as clients began looking for newer and more cost-effective ways to enhance their online presences. In response, Lucidity began to offer search engine marketing services, further expanding its portfolio.

No sooner does one trend pass than another is born, and this time it arrived in the form of social networking. With an ever-expanding market for increased brand presences and social interaction, Lucidity ramped up their efforts in the social space and began offering integrated digital strategies for their ever -growing list of clients. The company also began to produce digital video and animation services at this time, once again adapting to meet the demands of the market, always building on a solid bedrock of experience to lift it above the competition.

Today Lucidity Digital continues to be a frontrunner in the web industry, having been nominated for ‘Best Web Design and Development Agency’ in the Eircom Spiders the past two years running. Our aim has always been to bring our clients the very best that the digital world has to offer, and to utilize the latest and greatest technologies to communicate their message. This is made possible by our willingness to branch out and adapt in constantly-changing field and the team-oriented, highly creative way we look to solve problems and overcome obstacles in the digital world.

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