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Digital Display covers a number of different technologies, but essentially refers to any form of display advertising that you see online.



A Leaderboard usually comprises of a flash banner, typically 728 x 90 in dimension. The Leaderboard can be found at the head of a website. This type of digital display can also include a “Roll-out” or "Expandable" element, where the banner can stretch out to cover a defined area of the website when the user hovers over it with their cursor. 



A Skyscraper is usually a flash banner, 120 x 600 in dimensions. Typically found in the sidebar of a website, these displays (like Leaderboards) can also include a “Roll-out”, where the banner stretches out to cover a defined area of the website.



These are small, box-like advertisements that commonly populate website sidebars. They're usually flash-based, 300 x 250 in dimensions. They are also sometime placed within the content of a page, or used to break up text. 



ASU's are commonly used on Facebook, forming the sidebar ads on the right hand side of Facebook pages. They're small, with dimensions of 110 x 80.



This is where a brand takes over all the advertising space available on a website and sometimes the background or surrounding areas too. This tactic is commonly employed by big companies to promote new products, or to advertise new films or games. Website takeovers are very noticeable, but are usually expensive.  


We can develop targeted digital display advertising campaigns in conjunction with you. The key to good digital display advertising is good design. The aim is to catch the eye of the user and intrigue them, meaning that they will ultimately click on the advertisement. We have a wealth of experience in this field, and we can design eye-catching advertisements that will drive quality traffic to your site. Contact us today to find out more. 


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