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Sometimes you feel the need to break out of the traditional modes of interacting with your customers, and want to do something that will really generate some buzz. Perhaps you’re launching a new product, or you’re rebranding the entire company. If you want to get noticed, you’ll need to think outside the box, and that’s where we do our best work.

Our creative team can work with you to develop a campaign using different platforms (e-mail marketing, microsites, social media, digital video, etc.) to drive brand awareness to new heights.

Digital Campaigns can take a huge variety of forms, depending on your budget and level of ambition. The aim of every digital campaign is to ‘go viral’. When a campaign ‘goes viral’, it is noticed by different authorities around the web and talked about, shared and commented on. Viral videos are a great way to gain exposure, although flash games, animations, microsites, photos or just plain old websites have been known to go viral at different times for different reasons.

At Lucidity, we aim to pinpoint your target market with a digital campaign as well as gain exposure from your brand and give customers an enjoyable experience. Our creative professionals love coming up with new ways to gain your company exposure online, just take a look at the Lucidity Christmas 2011 campaign. If you’re interested in making the web work for you, contact us today.


A viral Social Media campaign from Dutch airline KLM

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