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Will Airtime Be able to stay on-air?

With heavyweight founders (Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning), partnerships (Facebook), and celebrity endorsement (including Jim Carrey, Jimmy Fallon, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Olivia Munn) it seems Airtime cannot possibly fail as the latest video chat platform. So why then has there been more negative reaction from commentators than aggrandisement (Tech Crunch gets almost poetic in its praises of the platform - 're-humanising the internet’ is one of many gushing – possibly sponsored - statements). Surely, with all that star power and lucrative financial backing ($31 million to be precise), the...

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E3 2012

Day 1: WARNING: Some of the content contained in the following external reviews contain strong language and scenes of violence. The E3 2012 affair kicked off today and although some revelations have so far been less than surprising, we have been treated to some mouth-watering presentations and trailers. Yesterday was the curtain raiser for the 2012 edition of the annual LA computer and video games expo that saw unveilings from Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Sony. Most revelations, as we have said, were unsurprising but one or two gems did surface for the gaming faithful. Most notably...

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Online Selling - Is it for me?

One of our Sales team gives you a rundown on how to carry out online selling effectively. Everyone wants to know how they can sell online more effectively. Or how they can sell more online at a lower cost base. The principles of successful online selling are the same regardless of the sector you are in or whether you are B2C or B2B. While there are subtle differences in Digital Marketing and how you communicate with your audience, the methodology for success remains constant. The following questions need to be answered as part of a discovery session before you begin to embark upon a Digital...

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My Foursquare check-ins on an earring?

Enter Meshu.io, What do they do? To put it simply; 'Meshu turns your places into beautiful objects'. Meshu requires you to login using the mobile app Foursquare, from there it locates your check-ins and then routes your path to create a design. Once completed, they fabricate the design into fully fledged jewellery. So first of all I thought to myself, most of the places I use Foursquare for comprise of my home, place of work, friends apartments and the odd meal or night out on the town. Throw a few shopping excursions in there and a sporting event for good measure. Initially, I thought, who...

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Facebook Phone rumours abound (again)

Last week we wrote about the Facebook IPO, and pointed out that that with a $100Billion valuation, Facebook would be worth twice as much as Hewlett Packard and almost four times as much as Dell, without ever having produced any hardware. Many industry pundits believe that that may be about to change. Much of the speculation surrounding a possible Facebook phone began when Facebook purchased Instagram (an exclusively mobile app) in April 2012. We wrote a piece at the time on the speculation. It is now May, and those rumours are not going away. In fact they are increasing in volume and persistence....

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