3 eircom golden spider 2011 shortlistings


Why is Website Copy so Important?

When setting up or building upon a website for your business, many people are under the illusion that setting it up with a few nice pictures and some lines of text with contact details etc 'will do' as part of their online marketing campaign. But there is a bigger picture than just simply 'pitching' your tent in the online arena and hoping your audience will find you. There is a lot more to consider as we found out when we had a chat with one of our copywriters and our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Analyst. Interviewer: In terms of search engines, what is website crawling and how does it...

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App Timing - Amazon Announces European App Store

Amazon have invited developers in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, and Spain to submit apps to be sold in their app store. This expansion into Europe is being speculated a precursor not only to a complete globalisation of the store but also a suggestion the Kindle Fire, currently available only in the U.S., will be upgraded for international markets. Most of the apps sold in the Amazon App Store are Android-based. The Kindle Fire itself runs on a forked version of Android. (Via To encourage developers to get programming, Amazon has made two important changes to its Mobile App Distribution...

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Surface Matter - Microsoft unveils own tablet

Surface impressions were indeed all the reporters got in Milk Studios L.A. yesterday of 'Surface', Microsoft's direct response to the iPad. Clearly, as the launch will be another while yet, Microsoft are probably still working on snags, so didn't want curious hands to get too close to the prototypes on display at the invite-only event. Surface is launched by Microsoft in Hollywood's Milk Studios. (via AllThingsD.com) So what do we know about Surface? Firstly, Microsoft have designed and developed the tablet themselves - something that will probably, understandably, upset manufacturers who...

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Olympian Facebook - The Social Media Hub for London 2012?

Just before Euro 2012 kicked off, we did a rundown of the social media activity that was not just surrounding the event but was an integral part of what was going on, with players and fans alike. Now the social media aspect is warming up for the Olympics, which are starting in London on the 27th July. And it seems Facebook wants to be the front runner in all things London 2012 (yes I am trying to see how many sports related puns I can get in!). In co-operation with the Olympics committee, Facebook have set up a hub page that pools together various athletes' and commentators' Facebook pages...

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Could Unseen Site Errors Harm My Traffic?

When setting up and maintaining your business’ website you might be surprised to find that no one is dropping by for a visit to view what you have on offer or are leaving before you can say boo!. You have the flash effects, great colouring, really convincing written content, and images that would wow National Geographic photographers, but something is not working and you’re not quite sure what. It’s kind of a case what’s lurking in the basement; that eerie presence that makes the children of the neighbourhood give the creepy house at the end of the street house a wide berth. The same...

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