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Is 'Facebook Phone' going to become a reality?

Last year, a rumour surfaced that Facebook was planning on developing its own dedicated smartphone, which would integrate all functions of the Social Media platform. Mark Zuckerberg was kick to quell the wildfire of whispering that ensued, "We’re not trying to compete with Apple or the Droid or any other hardware manufacturer for that matter,” he said. Rather, he stated, Facebook was going for a horizontal strategy, working on implanting its presence on already existing platforms. Now, a year on, that rumour has resurfaced with added detail: that the phone is going to be a possibility,...

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Adwords For Video on YouTube

As a start-up or small business trying to gain its niche, the feeling of floundering in great-white-corporation-shark-infested waters is probably not an unusual one. And floundering alongside many rival shoals of other SMEs scavenging for the tidbits left over by the Greats is another hurdle to overcome. Your company has tried all the traditional channels to get your brand’s voice heard. You’re even keeping up with the Age of Technology and web design by creating a DIY website using free website templates and have even hired an SEO company to put in some part-time hours. Most importantly,...

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Vodafone goes viral for all the wrong reasons

If you're unfamiliar with us here at Lucidity, we are mad about all things digital. With this in mind, we'll discuss what happened yesterday due to a simple tweet by one of our employees, who subsequently bore witness to the world of viral… Let’s recap unless you’re familiar. Early yesterday morning one of our employees, Philip Ellis, came across a Facebook image that had been posted. Now before we begin, as Social Media experts amongst other things, this news piece should work as guide for you the reader. This story is in fact a perfect opportunity to allude to the safety measures that...

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Using SEO and Analytics For Your Business

It might seem a surprising statistic, but it has been claimed that 57% of marketers find ‘measurement, analysis and learning’ one of the biggest challenges facing their organizations. You would think the monitoring of a company’s performance in all realms of its business would be almost reflexive and that well-established systems would be in place to ensure this monitoring and assessment took place in an efficient, helpful, and frequent manner. In regards to internet marketing, website tracking is as important as making your site look pretty to users, if not more so. Otherwise how are...

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How to carry out a Social Media Contest

Shiny prizes attract people like magpies: money, jewellery, computers, or the promise of shiny, tropical waters via a holiday voucher. A competition promising a certain prize-giving gleam will surely up a business’ Facebook page fan numbers. But the problem is getting quality over quantity – how many of the people who enter your social media competitions are actually interested in your brand beyond winning something pretty or expensive? Curt Finch of Journyx says there are three things marketers should consider before embarking on a social media contest. Otherwise, you are quite likely...

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