Ok so you have the Facebook timeline full of posts and albums showcasing your best products. And you tweet like a chorus of canaries all the day through about special offers. But only a few hours after someone has liked a photo from your latest line, it’s been demoted down their profile in favour of newer likes and posts by friends. And everybody knows the Twitter feed moves faster than Tweety Pie in flight from Sylvester. To add to that, your customers are starting to delete from that seemingly endless bookmarking list. Where to keep all those products and ideas that they want to save away until they have the funds to buy them in a way that is memorable and organized? Enter Pinterest.

Lucidity Digital Pinterest Page

Lucidity not only showcase our designs and expertise, we also share our love for all things tech with our audience and ask them to do the same. Why not drop by and share your tech loves with us?


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While a lot of businesses are still getting their heads around social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote their products/services, Pinterest is also definitely worth signing up to. Pinterest is essentially is a social photo sharing site. So how does this fit into a business’ online marketing campaign? Well, think of Pinterest as a virtual shop front. Your ‘wares’ are laid out on themed boards called ‘pinboards’. The pinning element comes in from the ability to pin images from websites (preferably your company's website as the image will link back the originating site) onto these boards, which can then be ‘repinned’ by any user of Pinterest. The hope is that a chain effect of repins will occur, thus increasing chances of driving traffic to your website and ultimately converting those leads into sales. If you are still skeptical about this aspect, one need only look at the Shopify figures that reveal Pinterest is now driving more sales than Facebook.

Google glasses Lucidity Digital

Lucidity were able to use the hype around the Google glasses to good effect. If your business has a blog, pinning images from interesting articles onto Pinterest is a good way of driving traffic to your website.


Of course, you don’t have to be on Pinterest too long to see that the main audience is female (68.2% to be precise*). However, this is not as cut and dry as it seems – in the U.K. the biggest audience is male (56%**). Also, industrial companies such as General Electric have played their Pinterest campaigns like champs, utilizing the edgy power of apps such as Instagram to show off aspects of their business – look at their ‘Badass Machinery’ board or their almost artistic ‘Under the Microscope’ board for instance. They also directly take on the female-dominated element with a good humoured board called ‘Hey Girl’. One memorable quote is ‘Hey girl no one can hold an incandescent lightbulb to you’ on an image of Thomas Edison. And it is just this mixture of showcasing your products in an interesting, often quirky light and having a light humoured touch that makes for the best Pinterest business profiles.


 Etsy Pinterest Page 

Etsy is an online  marketplace specialising in the buying and selling of handmade crafts. On their Pinterest account, the products on sale are put in real-life contexts that their audience can relate to and share. That's why they have over 120,000 people following all or some of their boards


Make Your Product a Lifestyle Choice

You are not just ‘showing’ your potential customers, you are also ‘telling’, giving them a story, something that makes them want to add your product/service to their lifestyle. An image of a nice dress on its own will probably get some repins; but the same dress on a smiling model twirling in a sun-dappled forest has an extra atmospheric dimension that a lot of Pinterest users seem to relate to and will want to share even more. Most personal Pinterest users are mapping out their life and ambitions through these boards – establishing their distinct personalities and sharing their hopes and dreams with the world. Let your company’s personality and dreams become theirs and vice versa – make sure to repin or like some of their ideas, build a communal rapport with them. These items they want to buy are not just dispensable; they are part of the construct of the life they are building around themselves. Help them build it.

Stop by next week for our blog post on how to set up a Pinterest board that will catch the eye and get people repinning.

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