Research in Motion (RIM) has finally made available to developers the tools to create apps on the highly anticipated BB 10 smartphone. The "DevAlpha" device has a 4.2 inch screen with pixel resolution of 1,280 x 768 and a HDMI output for mirroring. 

New Blackberry Phone

At the Blackberry Jam conference today, developers from around the world are being given a a prototype of the devices and can now download the Blackberry 10 SDK (Software Development Kit). The kit includes key APIs as well as tools for building HTML 5 apps that have native-like abilities. 

Some of the team at Mashable got a brief look at the DevAlpha device. While they were impressed with the slickness of the app capability and the fluidity and speed which they run at, they were less than impressed with the overall  look and feel of the new smartphone, which they feel doesn't stand out from other smartphones on the market. 

A lot stands on the BB10 software being a success. The current platform Blackberry 7 is essentially a dying platform. This has resulted in Blackberry being at the butt end of jokes about there being no point in building apps for a platform no-one is interested in using any more. With the recent incumbency of long-term employee Thorston Heins to the reins of CEO, Blackberry have been trying to reverse Blackberry's image as a backward, dying breed. 

Thorsten Heins RIM CEO

CEO Thorsten Heins. It is hoped he will help revive Blackberry's reputation

But is it too late? Vivek Bhardwaj, Head of Software Portfolio EMEA for RIM admitted Blackberry "was not for everbody." Speaking at the Jam, Bhardwaj admitted, "We've never had a clear vision as to who we are, what we're for, or the purpose of our strategy." However he is confident that this can change. "The conference is all about setting the stage for that."

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