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Big Data

Now that people have finally stopped going on about QR codes, the future is all about Big Data. 90% of the world’s data has been accumulated in the last two years. Currently, we’re storing over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day. That’s 2.5 with 18 zeros after it. Or a billion, billion units. So the question is not so much what is it, rather how on earth can anyone hope to make sense of it? The best way to get your head around big data is to see it in action. So here briefly are 3 examples. 1. Target. Advertisers and businesses have been using the information they have been quietly...

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Google I/O 2013: What to look forward to

This Wednesday sees the opening of Google I/O 2013, the Google developers conference, always greatly anticipated by Android and Google enthusiasts alike. If you’re a fan of product announcements, this is Google Christmas. Last year saw the unveiling of Google Glass, as Sergey Brin interrupted proceedings to turn the audiences attention to a video stream from a plane flying overhead. Glass-wearing stunt people then took the brand new device skydiving, rappelling down the side of San Francisco's Moscone Center, and mountain biking through the crowds inside the conference center, streaming...

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Website Design converging with OS design in Windows Blue?

As a website design company, we are always keeping our eyes out for the latest developments in UI/UX. After getting a fairly mixed reception from the public at large, Windows 8 is (already) due to be updated, with the first major upgrade to the OS, Windows Blue, having emerged this week. Many features of modern website design are featured in Windows 8's new 'Live Tiles', which focus on large bright images, much like Pinterest or Flipboard. Windows Blue is more of an evolution than a revolution in this regard, keeping mostly with what Windows 8 introduced upon its release. Color options have...

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Google website design, our thoughts

When we think of website design a whole plethora of elements come to mind. These can include colour, design, imagery, logos, layout, adverts, fonts, the list is endless. But many people look past our great overlords Google as a perfect example. Even Google engage in website design and as of late have done so at a more ferocious rate than ever before. And why wouldn’t they? Yes Google are a search engine but first and foremost they are a website, and as a website they too, like every other website that resides on the World Wide Web, must engage in evolution and change, thus braving website...

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Facebook update 5.1 for iOS

Facebook have rolled out their latest update for iOS, 5.1. Some of the features we think are great but are by no means new. It seems that Facebook are using apps as somewhat of a testing ground. If you already have the Facebook camera app and the Facebook messenger app just imagine that they have essentially now rolled them up into this latest Facebook app. As we said, not new, but definitely handy and means less applications on your device. In a roll-out that seems to weigh heavily on images and chat, the new features include: -swipe left anywhere in the app to quickly see who's available...

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