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The Audi Club Website

The Audi Club at The O2 offers three floors of the very best corporate entertainment facilities. Membership of this exclusive club provides you with access to every show at The O2 and every show at Bord Gáis Energy Theatre.


The Brief

The client wanted Lucidity to take their previous website, modernise it and create an engaging and “classy” looking website. The last site was deemed dark, uninviting, and uninformative. The Audi Club wanted people to associate the site with a slick exclusivity and a certain amount of mystery in keeping with the private membership aspect. 



The wireframes were constructed at the end of February, with design commencing in early March. In all the process took about three weeks. “In terms of the visual aspect, they wanted to really showcase the place. It had recently been refurbished so this was a great opportunity to show it off,” says The Head Designer. The client was also very positive and receptive to the designers’ ideas regarding improving the overall vista. “When we suggested the use of large photography throughout the whole site they seemed really enthusiastic.”

This website redesign was a dream to work on. “Often there is a gap between what I can mock up in Photoshop and what the developers can actually build safely across all browsers. Thankfully the process was pretty seamless.”



In all, development work took about a month to complete. The primary task for the development team was to ensure that the background images didn’t affect page load significantly and didn’t distract from the main content on the site. They also imported an RSS feed of event data from Ticketmaster which displayed on the website calendar. The Senior Developer was very happy with the results. “I’m proud of the work we did on the site. It’s a big visual upgrade for the site and hopefully it will wow and impress potential Audi Club customers.”


Working With the Client

Everybody involved in the website redesign found the client to be extremely professional. The Head Designer was particularly impressed. "Needless to say, this is a very  brand conscious client so it wasn’t a task at all getting across how to approach an identity online.” The Senior Developer is similarly positive in his praise of the client “They were great – they gave good feedback throughout the process and were prompt in delivering content and images."

Visit the redesigned site here